Friday, November 7, 2008



I'm completely exhausted right now. I've had nothing but a week full of tests to take, and I'm finally done!!! I just got done watching THE STRANGERS with my second mom, and it was the scariest movie ever!!! My son is awake right now at 11:39 and his bed time is 9:30 every night. This is gonna suck getting him in bed. He hasn't napped all day. AHHH I can't stop yawning. I need to get my son to bed. Have a good night everyone.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Long day...

Today felt extremely long, and I still have a huge lab exam to studyfor tonight. This sucks. I woke up and took Parker to school and ended up cleaning the rest of the day. I didn't get a chance to work out today which sucked. I started my scrapbooking again. I got like 6 pages. I still have hundreds of parkers pics to go through to put in there. It's a long process but it looks great when it's finished. I've kind of felt bleh all day. As far as dating goes, I haven't even felt like keeping up with anything. I've been enjoying my alone time a lot. Usually I'm dying to get out of the house, but here lately all I've wanted to do was stay home with Parker and play. I think I'm done dating for now. Everytime I try it's never worth it in the end. I never have enough fun for it to be worth anything. I'm gonna just stay home for now and spend all the time with him that I can because he's gonna be two soon! Oh yeah, it looks like my sister won't be coming to Tulsa this weekend. She is deciding to hold off until Thanksgiving which sucks but at least that's only like two weeks away!